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I dont have many followers left because of my inactivity but hopefully the last few of you can help ma save this cat.
Im taking donations for this abandoned starved cat
Her donation page is http://www.gofundme.com/dabo2o
Her background story and info is on the donation page, but just in case people dont go to it, at least share it for someone who will.
“This cat, who we have decided to name Angel, was found in the middle of the road yesterday night (8/19/14), unable to stand. Initially everyone thought she was hit by a car but after getting a closer look at her, she was simply dying of starvation. She couldn’t stand on her own or open her eyes. When we brought her in our house to feed/water her whatever we tried to give her would simply fall out of her mouth. After a few minutes of trying, we got her to start licking chicken juice off our finger and drink a little bit of water. After seeing she was still willing to eat, we decided to stop feeding her (since she could get sick) and take her to a hospital. 
She has been abandoned and starved but after taking her to an emergency clinic, we find out that other than the fact she is severely underweight and dehydrated, her organs are ok and she has no diseases.My family believes that a neighboor that was foreclosed on a few months ago threw out their house cat and simply left her on her own. Being a house cat all her life most likely made it extremely difficult to find food and avoid the enourmous amount of cyotes living in a nearby park.We gave her to the vet to keep under surveillance last night and get some liquids in her. My family and I have high hopes for this cat considering she is very eager to eat and purrs when held/pet. But sadly the vet gave us an idea of the price after all the procedure and its extremely difficult for us to pay, especially since this cat isn’t even ours. My family is expecting a bill of around $1,500 (We had been originally told around 1,000 dollars but as the cat stays in the hospital longer, the bill gets bigger.Its currently at 1,200. If the bill stays at 1,200 and we still reach our goal of 15, we will use the money to keep the cat in good condition until we can find her a new owner. Or we will use the remaining money to donate to other pet donation sites to help other animals with similar stories.Even if its just a dollar, anything can help us keep this cat going . Also, for anyone that donates and would consider adopting Angel, we will be looking for a new home for her. If you’re interested in giving her a permanent home please feel free to contact me.”
Thanks in advance for anyone that donates to this cat or shares her story


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"Always be kinder than you feel."
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